Magento Order Upload Pro Extension

The extension is helpful when you attach the files quickly without doing any hacks to core magento files.


Amazing Features

How It Works?

Easy integrate from your front-end website

With simple interface with Upload button, you can integrate any where in your product detail page.

How It Works?

Upload files quickly

You can upload multi files at the same and put your comments for each file.

How It Works?

Show files in cart page before checkout

You can update comment, delete or download file in cart page for review them.

How It Works?

Show files uplpaded in the order view page (front-end and admin panel page)

After your checkout complete, your files will show in the order view page and you can see informations about them.

How It Works?

Flexible and easy for configuration

You set file types, file size for upload. Show/hide button in Order Upload Extension


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